May 16, 2015 by mike

Hello Folks,

Please join me for a conversation with Kris Sedersten and members of Synergy Paranormal Investigations of Harvard, NE. Our program theme is “Ghost Hunting and Investigations.” Founded in 2012, Synergy Paranormal Investigations says “our aim is to educate clients and the public on the known and supposed paranormal activity as well as expose any explanations of non-paranormal occurrences.” (source: facebook page for Synergy Paranormal Investigations). Ms. Sedersten and Synergy Paranormal Investigations were last on the EUP radio program April 20th, 2013; listen here for the free archived program: . This is another EUP radio program in the series titled “Nebraska Ghosts.”



Download MP3 (26 MB | 112:24 min)