Sep 10, 2016 by mike

Hello Folks,

Saturday morning September 10th, the Exploring Unexplained Phenomena radio program has a goal of raising $2,000 in listener donations for non-profit non-commercial KZUM Radio.

Can you help us with a donation?

Saturday September 10th, 10 am – 12 noon Central Time, call 402 – 474 – 5086 to make your donation !
Be sure and say “thanks” to Colleen the EUP producer and to Samantha and Janelle who are coming in to answer phones.

Or, donate right now (yes now – while this is on your mind) at . Tell `em EUP sends you !

Some big “ifs”....

If you donate $35, 60, 89.30, 120, 250 or 500 on the Exploring Unexplained Phenomena radio program Saturday morning 10 am – 12 noon Central Time and…

If KZUM Radio has a successful Fall fundraiser and receives $40,000 in listener donations by the end of this month…

KZUM Radio can stay on the air, and the station will receive a large block of grant money from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the future will be bright.

$120 is $10/month – less than what you spend in one week for coffee and/or parking meter money.
The first person who donates $500 gets a gift certificate for a one night weekend stay with breakfast for two at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel.

I can’t stress enough the importance of this fundraiser and how each one of you can affect the outcome. Please – make a donation if you value the 31+ years of broadcast of the Exploring Unexplained Phenomena radio program. It’s one of the world’s longest-running paranormal talk radio programs.



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