Mar 23, 2013 by mike

Hello Folks,

Matt Mundorf – the producer and co-host of the EUP radio program – approached me with the idea of having Nebraska-based paranormal research groups on the EUP show, to talk about their investigations, methods, backgrounds, etc. I thought it was a great idea, so Matt sent out a query to as many groups in Nebraska as he could find. This Saturday, March 23rd, is the start of the series that I’m calling “Nebraska Ghosts,” with our first team on the show – Interstate Paranormal out of Omaha, NE. Randy Power, founder, and Emily Watson make their first appearance on the EUP radio program. We’ll be talking about ghost hunting and investigations. We may stray across the state boundaries to neighboring states in our quest for information on “Nebraska Ghosts,” and I think you’ll find this series very interesting both for the investigations and for the people behind the investigations.


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