Feb 22, 2014 by mike

Hello Folks,

I hope you can join us for a conversation with Brian and Pam Crissey, authors of “Common Sense in Uncommon Times: Survival in a Changing World” (Updated 2nd Edition). The book ‘Common Sense in Uncommon Times’ “explores the four most common personal emergencies you may encounter and explains how to prepare for them to make you and your family more secure. Once you are prepared for unexpected disruptions, you can move through danger with the confidence that you’ve done all you can” (from a press release). I’m an Eagle Scout, and I say that along with the Boy Scout Manual, this is a good book by Brian and Pam Crissey that everyone should read to be aware of what they can do to ride out the storm, and to do their best with a goal of emerging with health and family intact.


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