Mar 15, 2014 by mike

Net Neutrality is under attack again. Please check out to find out more and sign the petition. The big corporations want to control the access and the content of what you will see and hear on the Internet. Let’s do what we can to get this stopped. Thanx, Mike L

Hello Folks,

Please join me for a conversation about Shamanism from the view-point of both having lived it and having studied it. My first-time guests are Bonnie Glass-Coffin, Ph.D. and don Oscar Miro-Quesada. Their book is “Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life.” Dr. Raymond Moody (“Life After Life”) says that the book is “a compelling tale about our human quest for wholeness, (and) Lessons in Courage openly chronicles Oscar’s befriending of sacred and profane dimensions of life, giving us a brilliant rendition of the uncompromising light so often encountered at the end of the tunnel.”


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