Apr 26, 2014 by mike

Hello Folks,

Please join me for conversation with first-time guest Gerard J. Medvec. He is the author and/or co-author of 3 books with a fourth book coming out this September. “Contacting the aliens directly is a current endeavor I’m pursuing (so are many other folks),” says Mr. Medvec in an e-mail to me dated 11/14/13. He has conducted 5 “UFO Experiments” where he and a group of people go out into the country and attempt to attract and contact UFOs and occupants of the craft. He claims five successes out of five attempts. Mr. Medvec has had a life-long interest in the UFO mystery and a number of personal experiences. Join us as we explore the biggest story of our lifetime – some UFOs are real, some UFOs have intelligent beings either on board or connected with them….and they are here – now !


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