July 5th EUP

Jul 5, 2014 by mike

Apologies for the delay but here it is from July 5th

Hello Folks,

In 1947 one or more UFOs crashed in the New Mexico desert. You’ve heard about the “Roswell Crash,” but chances are you haven’t heard as much about the crash of another UFO on the plains of San Augustin believed to have also been in July of 1947. Joining us is Art Campbell, who has devoted the last 15-20 years of hard research including boots-on-the-ground at the site, archival research and many letters of correspondence. Art will talk about the analysis of the metal and other artifacts found during a number of archeological digs on the plains of San Augustin and as a teaser, you can refer to his subtitle of his book “Metal Analysis Not of This Earth.”


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