Aug 23, 2014 by mike

Hello Folks,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome back to the EUP program
Patti Conklin! Over the last 29 years of hosting the EUP program, I’ve been introduced to some incredible people. Patti Conklin is one of the world’s most celebrated medical intuitives. Her book “God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped” has just been released. “What is the real source of health and healing?” This back cover blurb invites the reader to think about the nature of health and healing. “We are what we say” is one of the chapters in the book. Patti Conklin will describe her personal journey and how she’s helped thousands of people to live dynamic fully engaged lives. You’ll discover that what you were told when very young by people in positions of love, respect, power and authority was taken very deep into your body. As you’ve grown older, personal experience and “self-talk” send messages that get stored in the body as well. “Our issues are in the tissues.” Find out more on the EUP show with Patti Conklin !


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