Nov 30, 2014 by mike

Net Neutrality is still under attack

Please check out to find out more and sign the petition. The big corporations want to control the access and the content of what you will see and hear on the Internet. Eliminating Net Neutrality could put this site & KZUM into the SLOW LANE Let’s do what we can to get this stopped. Thanx, Mike L

Hello Folks,

Join me for an interesting conversation with our EUP radio program contributor and segment guest Rosemary Ellen Guiley and first-time guest John Zaffis. Ms. Guiley and Mr. Zaffis are co-authors of “Haunted by the Things You Love.” I sat down Thursday afternoon after the Thanksgiving feast and read their book cover-to-cover ! “Every day, people innocently acquire ordinary personal and household items that secretly come with spirit attachments, demonic forces, residues of the dead, and curses. They are shocked when the haunted objects create a paranormal nightmare.” (from the back cover of “Haunted by the Things You Love”).


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