Apr 18, 2015 by mike

Hello Folks,

Please join me for a conversation about several Kodak slides that were found as a house was being cleared out. The two slides, apparently kept separate from others in the box, purportedly depict a small humanoid body lying on a table of sorts. Thomas Carey and his research partner Donald Schmitt have been doing research on what the slides may depict, who took them and the chain of ownership and possession, how and where they were taken, and protocals used to authenticate the slides and date them to the 1942 – 1949 era. Mr. Carey and Mr. Schmitt are presenting their research and the images from the slides in Mexico City at the National Auditorium on May 5th, 2015; the event will be streamed live worldwide and the auditorium will seat more than 10,000 people. There have been many other researchers interested in these slides and as you might guess, there is much controversy in Ufology regarding the slides themselves. Listen in Saturday as we talk with Thomas Carey and get an overview and sneak preview of what have been called the “Roswell Slides.”



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