Sep 12, 2015 by mike

Hello Folks,

It gives me great pleasture to welcome Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Professor Emeritus, Counseling Services, University of Wyoming and author of “Soul Samples: Personal Explorations in Reincarnation and UFO Experiences,” to the EUP radio program. Dr. Sprinkle hosted and helped facilitate the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in Laramie, Wyoming that was held for over 20 years. A unique aspect of that conference was the open mic that allowed anyone in the audience to come forward and tell their personal story. Hearing these extraordinary experiences direct from the witness and experiencer was and is highly valuable and should be emulated by other UFO conferences in my opinion. Dr. Sprinkle is arguably the most knowledge person in the world on the subject of ET and human contact, with over 50 years of experience. Join me in wishing Dr. Leo Sprinkle a happy 85th Birthday (August 30th, 2015) !



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