Nov 7, 2015 by mike

Hello Folks,

Join me this Saturday November 7th, 2015, 10 am – 12 noon Central Time for conversation with first-time guest Nancy du Tertre. Ms. du Tertre is the author of “How to Talk to an Alien: Can They Speak Our Languages? Can They Read Our Minds? What Are They Trying To Tell Us?”

We’ll start the program off with Charleen from the Capital Humane Society of Lincoln, NE and “Pet Talk,” with dogs and cats for adoption. .
Our second segment is “The Seen and the Unseen” with Preston Dennett. .
The conversation with Nancy du Tertre starts about 35 minutes into the program.

Listen live worldwide, .Listen live in Lincoln, NE via KZUM Radio 89.3 FM.



Download MP3 (50 MB | 108:42 min)